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Ecco quel fiero istante, K (Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus) Complete Score · * # - MB, 4 NMA report (German) (6 Notturni generally) NMA report.
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The solo song with piano accompaniment, that finds its complete crystallization in the works of Franz Schubert, attained a firm footing rather late in the Viennese musical consciousness. While the North-, Middle-, and South-German schools of song writing had already gone far in the dissemination and popularization of the German lied by mid-century, the absolute Italian domination of vocal music in Austria, and especially Vienna, stood in the way of similar developments there.

Contrary to the case of the German songwriters, the texts selected by Viennese songwriters of the late eighteenth century attest to no particular awareness of literary quality. The texts of choice, drawn from the ephemeral poetry almanacs and paperbacks of the day, are almost without exception the works of fashionable poetic kleinmeisters of the day.

They are mostly of Anacreontic character, idealizing the light, entertaining pastoral genre with no particular soul-searching depth. And here, as regards the choice of texts, Mozart the songwriter is no exception.

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And yet, many of his songs are brilliant little character pieces, in which the wealth of opera-inspired melodic invention dominates the insubstantial text with ease. The occasion and purpose of the latter song are unknown see p. Mozart returned again to the technique of basso continuo accompaniment that he had used in his early songs for the Two German Hymns K. Their texts come from J. On May 7, , Mozart entered three settings of texts by C. In a few swift strokes the concise introduction and conclusion depict the violent excitement of a young maiden bewitched by love.

Here Mozart departed in a most willful way from traditional strophic form, and composed each verse independently. Blumauer, Mozart returns to the conventional strophic song form. Schmidt, could have inspired Mozart to such a passionate F minor setting only on the spur of the moment.

Christer Malmbergs värld - Musik - Klassisk musik - Wolfgang Amadé Mozart

For a long time Jacquin was assumed to be the author of these two songs. The text comes from the Viennese poetess Gabriele von Baumberg, who wrote it out of her own personal experience. In at Artaria and Co.

Abendempfindung is a deeply felt, through-composed portrait of the soul. Contrastingly, the setting of J. In another unassuming strophic song, Die kleine Spinnerin The Little Spinner , Mozart set a naive, childlike text by an unknown author. Free sheet music for members.

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View more. Era: Classical Theme: 0-miscellaneous Series: multi-movement works.

mozart - notturno n.3 k.436 "ecco quel fiero istante"

Similar compositions. Series: multi-movement works, Theme: 0-miscellaneous.

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